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Walker Branch Wetland Study

Walker BRanch Wetland Study

Wayne County, IA


  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling
  • Cost Estimating
  • GIS Mapping

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  • Water Resources

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  • Federal



The United States Army Corps of Engineers - Kansas City District, in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, have a desire to restore the 150 acre Walker Branch Wetland area near Rathbun Lake.  LT Leon provided the preliminary assessment to determine feasibility, measures and alternatives to efficiently manage the hydrology at the site in order to restore the wetland and the associated habitat features.  Multiple needs would be addressed including:  water quality benefits such as reduced sediment and phosphorus delivery, invasive vegetation suppression, native seed bank restoration, increased food sources for wildlife, and natural habitat restoration.

The study involved preliminary analysis of the existing and future without-project conditions and the restoration needs of the site.  The purpose of the initial assessment was to 1) characterize the problems and opportunities in the study areas using available data and information; 2) to identify a set of preliminary alternative restoration measures appropriate to address the problems and restoration needs; 3) develop one preliminary alternative restoration measures with sufficient information that indicated the plan meets Section 1135 of the Continuing Authorities Program criteria.  The preliminary alternative plan included formulation of habitat restoration goals and appropriate preliminary estimates of habitat benefits associated with the measures included in the plan, over and above the existing habitat condition.