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Solids Settling Basins

Solids settling basins

Scott county, iowa


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LT Leon worked closely with the farmer to help identify goals and opportunities to address runoff concerns at his open feedlot operation.  A series of five earthen solids settling basins were designed and strategically located to minimally impact existing fields and infrastructure while capturing and controlling 100% of the potentially contaminated runoff.  Through site visits and face to face meetings with the farmer, an alternative to the preliminary design was derived for cost savings and improved operation and maintenance.

Existing conditions were analyzed using mapping and data from the County, LIDAR, and the farmer.  Drainage maps were developed to determine the amount of runoff to be managed by the control systems and to determine potential opportunities to divert clean water away from open feedlots.  Soils report were used to analyze the best available on-site soils suitability for berm construction.  Plans and details for demolition, site layout, utility, grading, erosion control, and vegetation were prepared.  The basin outlet structures were designed for extended storage to promote solids settling.  An interactive design process was used to develop the grading for the basins.  ACAD Civil3D was used to evaluate earthwork quantities.