LT Leon Associates Inc.

SCRAA Grading & Drainage

Sioux County Regional Airport Grading & Drainage Design

Sioux County, ia


  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling
  • Stormwater Mangement
  • Planning and Design

Service Area:

  • Transportation
    • Aviation 

Market Sector:

  • Local Agencies


The Sioux County Regional Airport Agency is developing a new 485-acre regional airport to consolidate two smaller airports in the County.  This initial project includes mass grading, drainage, and erosion control to accommodate runway and taxiway paving and future facility development.  LT Leon was responsible for hydrologic/hydraulic analysis, master stormwater management plan, drainage and erosion control design, and cost estimating. 


xpswmm-1D was used to model the existing and proposed stormwater utility systems.