LT Leon Associates Inc.

Ravine Improvements

Ravine Improvements

Dallas County, IA


  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling
  • Assessment, Planning and Design
  • Cost Estimate

Service Area:

  • Water Resources

Market Sector:

  • Private


A 0.5 miles forested ravine on the property is experiencing significant soil erosion.  The main gully and side gullies are actively head cutting and the ravine is becoming deeper and wider.  The CMP outlet from an existing letdown structure is perched several feet due to the head cut.

LT Leon evaluated existing conditions, assessed the stream, and developed solutions that considered both stabilizing the streambed and improving stormwater management for the upland areas.

A technical report was prepared with alternatives and cost estimates.  Grade control structures were evaluated for streambed improvements.  Upland stormwater improvements considered an detention pond.  A storm sewer interceptor alternative was also evaluated.