LT Leon Associates Inc.

Emergency Dam Repair

Emergency Dam Repair

South central iowA


  • Assessment of Dam Failure
  • Planning and Engineering Design
  • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance 
  • Bid Assistance and Construction Administration

Service Area:

  • Water Resources
    • Dam Mitigation
  • Site Development
    • Industrial 

Market Sector:

  • Private

An industrial facility experienced a dam failure at their wet pond.  The wet pond serves two critical functions, it provides water supply for fire protection for their facility and it provides secondary containment for operations.  LT Leon was responsible for designing emergency pond repairs.  These improvements included a new emergency spillway, repair of the dam, and development of a new outlet structure and pipe.  

LT Leon assessed all possible permits for this project and coordinated with agencies, including local, DNR floodplains, DNR dam safety, USACE, and Fish and Wildlife.

LT Leon obtained and reviewed contractor bids and provided construction administration.