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Central Iowa Water Trails Master Plan

Central Iowa Water Trails Master Plan

Central IowA


  • Dam Mitigation
  • River Restoration
  • Technical Assistance
  • Local Coordination 
  • Data Collection 

Service Area:

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Water Resources
    • River Restoration
  • Transportation
    • Trails - Pedestrian, Bicycle, Water

Market Sector:

  • Local Agencies

The Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is developing a regional water trails plan for Central Iowa.  This plan will provide vision and road map for enhancing user experiences in and along the waterways in Greater Des Moines.  The waterways include Saylorville and Red Rock Reservoirs, Des Moines River, Raccoon River, Walnut Creek, Beaver Creek, Four Mile Creek, Mud Creek, North River, Middle River, and South Skunk River.  The plan was funded by a grant from the Iowa DNR.

LT Leon is provided technical assistance to the MPO for the preparation of this regional master plan.  We were tasked with developing background information, narratives, and GIS mapping data for existing infrastructure concerns and opportunities that may impact potential water trails and user safety.  This included: low head dams, bridges, culverts, logjams, streambanks, flood protection including levees and reservoirs, and drainage districts.